We are often asked for advice about buying a vacation home in Florida. This is always very difficult because buying a home should be a very personal experience and prospective homebuyers should be guided by their own instincts and financial limitations.

However, one piece of advice that we are always happy to pass on is that from the outset, homebuyers should surround themselves with people they can trust. Although it sounds like an obvious thing to say, you would be surprised at the number of innocent people that have fallen victim to unscrupulous realtors, attornies, mortgage lenders and Property Management Companies.

One of the essential factors to consider when purchasing a vacation home is who are you going to entrust your home to when you are back home. There are literally hundreds of property management companies in the Orlando area and the majority make the same promises. "We will get you 25-30 weeks in bookings every year", "we will look after your home as if it were our own" and "don't worry about a thing, we will take care of it for you" are just a few of the well worn promises made on a daily basis by management companies.

How are we different ? As vacation homeowners ourselves, we fully appreciate what homeowners want from their property management company. To this end, we do not make promises that we may not be able to keep. We cannot and will not guarantee to obtain bookings for you but we do promise to do our very best for you. In addition we will act on your behalf to ensure that your home is properly maintained in your absence.

Our services include:
1.   Ensuring that your guests are well looked after and have the best possible vacation.
2.   Everyday overseeing and running of your property to ensure the best possible standards.
3.   Co-ordination of integral home maintenance, scheduled cleaning of your home, pool
    maintenance, landscape maintenance and pest control services. All of these services are
    closely monitored to ensure the highest possible standards are maintained.
4.   Dealing with authorities and utilities on the regular registration and payment of bills, licenses and
    taxes thereby keeping you at all times within Florida regulations and Laws.
5.   Assistance with renting your home if you so wish.
6.   Forwarding to you a monthly invoice. Monies received from rentals and payments relating to all bills,
    licences etc will be reflected in your monthly invoice.
7.   Keeping you fully informed with regard to future bookings taken on your behalf.
8.   Rental advice and administration to ensure that you comply with the State, County, Federal and
    Safety Regulations.

We are not the cheapest management company because we refuse to take shortcuts. We firmly believe that if a job is worth doing it is worth doing well and our aim is to keep your home immaculate and to ensure that your guests are happy. If we can achieve both of these aims, we believe that not only will your guests return again and again, but they will also recommend your vacation home to their friends and family.

Whether you are an existing homeowner looking for professional management/rentals or are considering entering the rental market, our knowledge and experience will be invaluable. We will be very happy to discuss any aspect of our service with you at any time and without obligation so that you may get a personal feel for our dedication and sincerity. Please call us to discuss your requirements or you can make an appointment with us during your next visit to Florida.

For further information please contact:

Alan & Claire Ansley
Tel: 1-800-354-7630 or 407-454-1638
E-mail: aansley@cfl.rr.com


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