We are able to provide you with advice & Information on all aspects of your vacation based on our own experience during our many trips to Florida.

Shortly after our first family vacation to Florida in 1996, Claire and I were discussing our trip. We were looking at photographs we had taken and thinking about the wonderful things we had experienced whilst in the "Sunshine State". The more we discussed it the more apparent it became that we had just "muddled" our way through the vacation because we had not planned anything.
The following year we decided to make a real effort to plan the vacation properly. We involved the whole family and looked at every aspect of it to ensure that we made the most of our two weeks on away. We meticulously planned everything from flights, car hire and attractions tickets to, eating out, shopping and of course the all important "rest days". On our return everyone agreed that they had enjoyed themselves much more than twelve months earlier but the most interesting thing was that we actually spent less ! In our opinion, effective planning is the single most important factor relating to your vacation. Get that right and everything else will fall into place. We can provide advice and assistance for every aspect of your vacation including flights, car hire and attraction tickets.


We can explain the various type of flights available and offer advice on the best options for you.

Car Hire

We can assist you in deciding which size vehicle is best for you, booking your vehicle and have it paid for at discount rates prior to your departure.

Attraction Tickets

Advice is available on the many "discounted" theme park tickets available and how to get value for money during your vacation. We can arrange for your tickets to be paid for and delivered to your home before your vacation begins. As you can see, it is possible to make all of your vacation arrangements without leaving the comfort of your own home and on arrival in Florida your spending money really is your spending money.

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